From Our Correspondent At The Nobel Prize Ceremony…

…exclusive video of this year’s Peace Prize winner’s acceptance speech:

<a href="">agence communication Paris Lyon Graphéine</a>

8 Responses to “From Our Correspondent At The Nobel Prize Ceremony…”

  1. Dave E. says:

    Huh. I was expecting something satirical.

  2. C.Bond says:

    Just spent the past 2 1/2 Hours reading an untold amount of pages from your blog.

    Somehow came across it by the untold matrix that is google…after searching for something that your site had nothing to do with…

    I will say that for a slow Friday afternoon – while having to work until 9pm after coming in at 8am this morn…I really appriciate the fact you held my attention long enough to wind out the slowest part of my day.


  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    well gosh, thanks C!

    Sorry about those long hours…

  4. greg newson says:

    That’s Elvis Patel, he called me
    on his way to Norway.But, I had
    to take my shoes off before I could see him.
    His wife was a bitch,but he
    seemed okay.

  5. Mockingbird says:

    Dang, I thought we were gonna hear Return to Sender!

  6. kc says:

    Mr. Bingley…why haven’t I been here before? I know Paco’s linked you…I plead lazy and busy. Will take some time this week to catch up on things I’ve missed. Thanks for your BRILLIANT observations and commentary!

  7. I’d offer kudos, but your head is already swelled to extra-terrestrial proportions.

    Sis, kick his (admittedly overly creative) butt!

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