From the Fading Recesses of What Was Once My Brilliant Mind, I Can Still Pull Instantly Forth the Hideous Visages of Both Pat Buchanan and His Harpy Sister

…as their coterie took over, and almost singlehandedly destroyed, the Republican Convention. Turning it from an energizing, INCLUSIVE pep-rally for electoral battle into a planting-of-the-flag, take-no-prisoners, snarling SoCon new face of the GOP as it headed into the 21st century: where a candidate’s stand on social issues trumped the everyday, every American issues of national security, the economy, and energy.

That hateful “trumped” got us “thumped” by a smooth talking, easy going guy who got “it’s the economy, stupid“.

And guess what? IT IS THIS TIME, TOO!!!!! Along with, oh, I don’t know…only the FUTURE OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW HER?!?!?!?

WHY am I torturing myself with images of times past? Have you read some of the comments about (whiney baby boy*) Santorum’s wins last night?

Oh, dear God.

Honestly, I get the “anybody but Mitt” thing, I really do. But THIS “anybody” is not the guy who will bring the Americans he needs to the table to vote for him. A rigid Social Conservative may do well in his district (or not ~ Santorum is NOT CURRENTLY a U.S. Senator, right?), but the country has proven time and time again she is a BIG tent who self corrects when leaning too left or right, and YOU, as President or political party, have to leave the flap open.

Or the show folds.


Just shoot me.

[*my pet name for him after repeated personal encounters at Presidency 5 and CPACFL]

7 Responses to “From the Fading Recesses of What Was Once My Brilliant Mind, I Can Still Pull Instantly Forth the Hideous Visages of Both Pat Buchanan and His Harpy Sister”

  1. aelfheld says:

    If the choice is The Hindenburg or Marshall Applewhite? I’ll take Santorum.

  2. JeffS says:

    Anyone. But. Obama.

    Yeah, that choice sucks. But Obama sucks even more.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    As I said before, I’ll vote for the wet napkin if that’s who the nominee is, but SWEET MARY MOTHER OF GOD, PEOPLE!

    There. I feel better.

  4. currently says:

    tree hugging sister,

    I must respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    Rick is a conservative (and he’s a Christian). Can you not be both these days?

    Concentrate on the conservative part and you’ll realize that his faith will not be enforced upon you.

    It’s called liberty.

    Gulf Breeze, FL

  5. tree hugging sister says:

    Of course you can be both, dear friend. And I have no qualms with anyone’s religion impeding wherever I’m standing, as I have consistently championed their right to their beliefs.

    Where problems arise ~ and why I bemoaned the comments ~ is that many, many of your hard-core SoCons/Christian Conservatives are “my way or the highway” types who have NO ROOM in their little Christian tent for the rest of the belief systems and moderate voices in the Party, less mind the country. And THAT does NOT win elections, which is JOB ONE, this election cycle. My point about the Buchanan faction so polarizing the convention AND viewing audience that year was that it caused many moderates and independants to SIT THAT ELECTION OUT. Much like 2008, where many more conservative voters sat home when the “RINO” was nominated, so that the “GOP could get what was coming to it/what it deserved“. Well, the COUNTRY took it in the chops, not the party, for that utter and complete abrogation of civil duties in a fit of pique. Did themselves proud.

    I mean, “hear, hear” to Rick on his run to the nomination and, if he’s the guy who gets it, I’m working my ASS off for him. But if he’s NOT…if he’s NOT…and a more middle right candidate gets it, I don’t want to hear the Christian Conservatives throwing down their toys, calling names and storming home again. The stakes are TOO HIGH.

    In fact, they’re DESPERATE.

  6. currently says:

    I understand tree hugging sister.

    It’s like herding cats sometimes.

    Keep up the good fight because I’m hoping everyone agrees that Obama Must Go – period.

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