From the “Give It a FREAKIN’ REST Already, Why Doncha?!?!”


Brett Favre Signs With Vikings

5 Responses to “From the “Give It a FREAKIN’ REST Already, Why Doncha?!?!””

  1. Rob says:

    And Dave E was going to buy us all Viking #4 jerseys.

  2. greg newson says:

    Brett Favre is like that drunk
    guy at a party whose girlfriend
    is trying to get to leave and go home.His girlfriend says,
    Come on,Dear, let’s go.” But,Brett wants to stay.He’ll
    get to the door and then come back.He wants one more beer for the road.
    God Bless the guy.What else
    can he do? Fish?

  3. major dad says:

    It’s his ego and his want of revenge against the Packers. He’ll do okay at first then he’ll get killed, in a football sense.

  4. nightfly says:

    I respect the guy for wanting to keep playing; it’s the endless back-and-forth yes-no-maybe so, week after week, that gets me.

    He’s not healthy, to boot – his throwing shoulder is hurting, which probably explains why he’s been fading at the end of the year as the wear builds up.

    The real disservice here is to Tarvaris Jackson. If you think the guy’s no good say so, but don’t groom him for the starting role and then kneecap him like this. What will he learn from Farve, how to throw off his back foot into double-coverage? And next year when it’s his team again, what will the lack of game reps this year mean to his performance? What about his mental state?

  5. Dave E. says:

    It’s Rosenfels who gets hit the hardest here I think. I’m pretty sure that he would have beaten Jackson out for the starting role. They will both still get their chances this year, as it’s a long season and I have my doubts about Favre’s endurance.

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