From The “WTF Were They Thinking” Department

I mean, there are lots of cool and neat places in the world to hike that not located on the Iraq/Iran border

(CNN) — Swiss diplomats are trying to meet with three American hikers being held in Iran, the Swiss Embassy in Tehran said Monday.

Ahmed Awa, on the border of Iraq and Iran, is where police saw and warned the American hikers Friday.

The embassy would not say whether Iranian authorities had responded to their request or if diplomats had met the Americans.

Four American friends — seasoned travelers — were hiking through Iraq’s Kurdistan region last week before three of them crossed the unmarked border with Iran, where Iranian authorities detained them.

Of course, since one of them is a self-described “teacher-activist-writer from California currently based in the Middle East” I’m sure they’ll have no problems with the Peaceful Authorities whose guests they currently are.

The three are Shane Bauer, who “graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies;” Joshua Fattal also is a UC Berkeley grad “with passionate committment to the environment and human rights” (hey, that’s a direct copy from the website) who “most recently worked and lived at Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Ore. The nonprofit facility is located on a 40-acre ranch and is focused on sustainable living skills, sustainable forestry and organic gardening;” Sarah Shourd is “an teacher-activist-writer from California currently based in the Middle East. She loves fresh broccoli, Zapatistas and anyone who can change her mind.”

Really, I hope for the best for these, well, idiots, and that they survive their introduction to the real world.

26 Responses to “From The “WTF Were They Thinking” Department”

  1. Skyler says:

    When I first heard reports of three Americans being captured after hiking in Iran, I figured they were either CIA, serious researchers, or idiots. I thought Idiots was most likely. Seems I was correct.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Astute as ever, Skyler.

    See why a college education is so important, America?

  3. sirus says:

    OH a gift to Ahmadi Nejad
    They will be safe and sound and well treated and will be returned to USA but only after the dictators/terrorist regime gets some concessions from American Government.

  4. nightfly says:

    She loves anyone who can change her mind? Narrows the field considerably, don’t it?

  5. Matt says:

    Hey lets be cool and hike in Iraq during a war, maybe even get close to Iran, the people who hate us more then anybody on earth. That way, the US can waste valuable time trying to save our dumbasses, that they could other wise be spending on the economy, or ending the problem with Iran.

  6. Ryan says:

    Very Idiotic. I was a soldier who served in Iraq. I agree there are other places in the world one can go that are just as satisfying. They have no idea what people are capable of. And to venture off into an area HOSTILE to the US which does not have diplomatic status with us. STUPID!!!!! Hopefully, they come home unharmed and it teaches them a lesson.

  7. Daniel says:

    What these adventurists are going to have to learn is that when you play with fire, sometimes you are going to get burned:

  8. Kate P says:

    I want them home safely but I second (third, fourth) the “WTF were they thinking?” Of course, the Philly media is trying to induce a guilt trip on the poor guy who stayed behind but probably is beside himself with worry (Media: “He is VERY fortunate to have gotten sick!”).

  9. JeffS says:

    Y’know, Kate, I don’t wish ill on these people, but they stucked their feet into this beartrap. So *IF* they come back (say, in several years), I’m hoping that they have a fine set of bruises to show their friends, courtesy of the Iranian regime. It would be a lot better than the Iranians are treating their own people.

    As for our government rescuing them……anyone hear much lately about those two journalists held by the Norks? The ones that work for Al Gore?

  10. JeffS says:

    “Stuck”, not “stucked”. Geez! ;-p

  11. Mr. Bingley says:

    I thought you were being all folksy-like there, Jeff!

  12. Yojimbo says:

    I’d let them rot just on general principles. Besides they may form an effective second front. Finally the Iranians are going to talk to people that are more disfunctional than they are. What’s not to like about that?

  13. Gunslinger says:

    Three moonbats that probably thought their ideological disposition would keep them safe.

    I just hope these dolts don’t end up paying the ultimate price for their ignorance.

  14. Julie says:

    Why do I get the impression the female of the group looks and sounds like Janis the Muppet?

  15. Stan says:

    American’s need to wake up and learn what is going on in the world! George and Dick made the world a very dangerous place for Americans. If three Iranians crossed the border into the US with large packs, what would we do? Two years ago they would be sent to Gitmo for “processing”! Do we expect better from Iran or N.Korea??? These three and the two journalists now being held in N.Korea, were tempting fate and lost! Too bad! Let’s not waste our diplomatic forces on very foolish people! The more our government pressures for “justice”, the more foolish we as a nation look to our “enemies” – who really do hate us! If we ignore these “unwise” people, our enemies will quickly become bored with them and send them away!

  16. Vince says:

    I’d like to see them come home safe and sound…. maybe sometime after the next presidential election. I wonder if their companion got sick or got smart.

  17. Kate P says:

    Jeff, I’m sure they’re banged up enough already, dontcha think???

    Julie–hahahaha. Just imagining the girl as Janis: “Oooh, wow, I luv fresh broccoli, fer shurrrre.”

  18. Skyler says:

    Put me in the category of not caring about their fates.

    They have endangered our freedom of action with that regime by requiring action and possibly concessions with a hostile regime that is actively killing Americans in Iraq and elsewhere.

    I don’t care if they learn anything. I don’t care if they survive. I don’t care if they remain healthy.

    I pretty much think of them like I think of the idiot that went to live with his friends, the grizzly bears and he and his girlfriend ended up as grizzly bear scat.

  19. Steve Skubinna says:

    These people knew exactly what they were doing. What they did not know, was what the hell they were doing.

    Bad PR for Fascist AmeriKKKa, that’s what they wanted. A press conference where they tearfully denounce their nation and restate their intent to work peacefully to solve the Earth’s problems. And something about children, too, no doubt. And let’s see… at least one line about having the greatest respect for the peaceful people of Iran.

    Oh, and Stan, with all due respect, you are a fucking idiot. You can suck shit, no offense, you retard. Naturally, if it weren’t for Bush and Cheney the Iran-Iraq border would be an international tourist destination. You got yerself some weapons grade stupidity right there, son. What keeps your head from collapsing into a black hole?

  20. JeffS says:

    Jeff, I’m sure they’re banged up enough already, dontcha think???

    No, Kate, I don’t. As I said, that would constitute better treatment than the Iranian thugs hand out to their own people.

    Come to think of it, Skyler has the right of it. If these idiots want to play with the Middle Eastern equivalent of grizzlies, they deserve to be bear scat.

  21. mojo says:

    Tell Dinnerjacket it’ll cost him 100 billion dollars for us to take them back.

  22. jim says:

    I don’t know what your problem with Stan is, but it sounds like you may have misunderstood what he said. Perhaps if you pull your head out of your ass you will be able to read better!!

  23. Dominic says:

    I first thought, what idiots! It turns out I was right. These people were warned several times and still did it anyways. They deserve what they got. The Iranian government is being run by paranoid evil people. Yes, we should try to get them back, after all, they are our idiots. It brings a question what they are teaching in some of these Universities and to whom. “WTF Were They Thinking” is most correct.

  24. Lone says:

    Most of the follow-up commentary here is as typical as it gets.

    Your as foolish as these hikers if you think a black and white account is going to come out of that part of the world at this time. Doubly foolish for passing judgement based on a handful of those accounts. Possibly there was a miscommunication or poor translation that misled the hikers. Perhaps the Iranians authority actually detained the hikers inside Iraq’s border. Maybe the Iraqi authority, knowing that part of the world better than any of us, should have made better judgement about letting these people continue. Always more happening than meets the eye.

    Also that some of you people wish these (admittedly foolish) hikers blatant ill-will, or in some cases death, pretty much negates your opinion. Come back after replacing that worthlessly selfish hide of yours with something more functional. A pity for the people who have to live around your attitude(s).

  25. tree hugging sister says:

    When the border guards tell you REPEATEDLY, “DON’T DO THAT”, well then…DON’T DO THAT. I hope for the best for them, but there actually ARE consequences for actions once in while, contrary to what passes for schooling these days.

    Kinda like standing in front of a bulldozer. If it goes well, you’re a hero. If not, you get pancaked and schmaybe your parents can sue John Deere.

    Bulldozers don’t kill people, “STUPIDLY” kills people.

  26. Mr. Bingley says:

    Lone, given that part of the world and especially the extra-special love flowing out of Iran these days, and also given that it seems like at least one of these folks is Jewish (there are links to him doing some work for a yeshiva) I ask again: WTF were they thinking?

    I don’t wish them ill, but are certainly going to get whacked with one hell of a clue bat.

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