Gee, No Reason To Want And Make Our Borders Secure

Nope, none at all

(CNN) — A shootout near the U.S.-Mexico border between rival groups with ties to organized crime left 21 people dead Thursday, Mexican police officials said.

Two groups authorities believe were involved in drug and human trafficking clashed in a deserted area about 12 miles south of the border, Sonora State Police spokesman Jose Larrinaga Talamantes told CNN.

Yep, we need to let these folks come over and become InstaCitizens.

Update: Oh yawn

(CNN) — Two high-ranking public officials were shot and killed in Mexico late Wednesday, making for four such attacks in the past two weeks. Three of the deadly assaults happened this week.

13 Responses to “Gee, No Reason To Want And Make Our Borders Secure”

  1. Skyler says:

    If immigration were sensible and the legal process were easier and matched the demand from the US and the demand from Mexico, no one would be shooting over it.

    I have yet to meet a junkie that wasn’t able to find his drug of choice no matter how draconian the laws prohibiting them. If drugs were legal we’d have the same number of junkies and a lot less crime.

    The solution, as almost always, is less government, not more. But the Washington establishment loves to point out failures in government and use the failure as an excuse to do more, which inevitably fails.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’m all in favor of less government.

    But WE need to be able to control our border or everything else is just puff.

  3. Skyler says:

    Sure, we can “control” it, but it need not be so restrictive. Locking it down so hard only invites criminality.

    There’s no getting around that there is a demand for the labor, and that demand will be supplied no matter what laws are written. The vast majority of people seeking to live here are peaceful and law abiding people. Why do we make it so hard for them to come?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s true: it’s amazing how many criminals you suddenly create when you enforce your laws.

  5. JeffS says:

    I agree that we need less government, but “less government” is also the problem, in that the government is cherry picking what laws they want to enforce.

    Any rational American leader would look at the basket case that is Mexico, be concerned for the safety of US citizens, and promptly clamp down on the border.

    Alas, this calls for a RATIONAL American leader. Not only do we have irrational, irresponsible, and excessively stupid leaders, many Americans support them, God knows why.

  6. Cullen says:

    What’s scary about this story to me is where it happened. When I was stationed at Fort Huachuca just a little more than 10 years ago, we used to go to Nogales all the time. Sure, there was the underground drug running as has been the case all along the border for decades, but the town itself was the kind of place you’d go to for day trips. It was nice enough to bring your family to go to cafes and the like. But it has apparently degraded pretty quickly.

  7. nightfly says:

    I daresay that American teenagers would gladly do “jobs Americans don’t want,” as they did in the bygone days of my youth, should illegal immigrants become unavailable for the task.

  8. Skyler says:

    Cullen, the drug cartels now each have armies larger than the Mexican government. The period of a capable government in Mexico was a short-lived dream.

  9. JeffS says:

    The period of a capable government in Mexico was a short-lived dream.

    And the same appears to be true for a capable government in the United States, if our glorious elected leadership can’t recognize this problem, and take steps to protect our border with them.

    That’s basic training for any soldier: “Secure your perimeter.”

  10. Yojimbo says:

    Hey! Violence along the border is D-O-W-N. The crossing of undocumented future democrats is D-O-W-N. Captain Kicka– speechified on this yesterday. Get with the program and embrace the narrative. Future warnings will be less benign.

    Cullen is correct, Nogales is a disaster area now. Seniors used to cross the border for prescriptions drugs and shopping. All that is gone now.

  11. ricki says:

    What I worry about, is that in 10 years America may effectively ‘surrender’ large chunks of the border areas – the law abiding citizens move out, the drug lords take over. Isn’t there some Hispanic group that claims they want to take the parts of the Southwest ceded from Mexico in the 1800s back? We may wind up doing just that.

  12. Yojimbo says:

    Ricki: Easier to name the groups that DON’T subscribe to that outome.

  13. Cullen says:

    The gov’t may very well abandon some of those areas, but most of the Americans along that border won’t.

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