Get This Man A Mandate

It stands to Reason…

8 Responses to “Get This Man A Mandate”

  1. Syd B. says:


    Who’se going to pay for them?

  2. Ave says:

    Who will pay? I guess the same people who pay for all that Viagra.

  3. Ebola says:

    I’ve heard the Viagra excuse repeatedly, but the simple fact is, there is ample access both the planned parenthood free route and also the Walmart $9/mo supply (I don’t think Target does theirs anymore). If you’re telling me that kids going to $50k a year Catholic colleges can’t afford free or $9 a month when I used to serve them $20-$200 a night at the bar…weak-sauce excuse.

    Then there’s the pure statistics of it. Under the White House statistics, 99% of women 18-34 use BC…I’d say that’s a hell of alot more demand, ergo rate increases.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    There is a huge variety of types of oral contraception. I am not familiar with any that costs $9 a month. The cheapest I have seen is $15 with insurance. I don’t think it’s all that easy for a woman to get a cheap, reliable supply of oral contraceptives in the prescription that one’s body can tolerate. BCPs are not like aspirin; there are many different formulations.

    Also, keep in mind that many women take BCPs for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with pregnancy prevention. BCPs control polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, painful periods etc.

    There is certainly a place for debate about the kinds of drugs that public health insurances will cover, and no one category of drug should be excluded from that debate. But no one should trivialize the numerous ‘off-label” uses of BCPs.

    While I don’t hate Rush Limbaugh, I think someone with his documented problems with prescription drugs possibly ought to consider the virtues of silence on this issue.

  5. Kathy Kinsley says:

    I agree. I took BCPs for “off label” reasons for years. However, I also never in those long ago (uncovered by insurance for ANY reason) years, had any trouble whatsoever affording them. And believe me, I’m not, and never have been anything approaching ‘rich’.

  6. Ebola says:

    I’ve never said this has bupkiss to do with sex. I realize full well women can take it and potentially see a 70% reduction in endometrial and ovarian cancer chances, much less making periods less traumatic. However, the Left has managed to change this debate into that all Republican males want there to be no coverage via insurance…which is bullshit. This is all down to making religious institutions pay for something that is anathema to them at their very core. You can’t use Viagra as a comparison because V is far more likely to cause munchkins than cancel them.

    As for BCP from wallyworld for $9, been since 2007 and running. Target had a program as well but I seem to remember one of my female friends mentioning they’d cancelled it.

    So we’re talking purely females at religious education institutions with roughly a mean $50k+ a year tuition…and you’re telling me mommy and daddy can’t afford it? Or that the college whelp can’t afford it? Sorry, but I bartended for too many college girls and drank with far more to believe for a half a second that there is even a large minority in college that cannot afford birth control. All comes down to whether they’d prefer an extra few shots a month or cutting chances of cancer and spawning.

    Oh, wait, so we’re talking about American incapability to budget and wanting someone else to cover the tab….again. Fuckin nifty.

  7. Ebola says:

    Not to mention Planned Parenthood has provided BCP coverage free for years. So if it was truly a case of being too poor, marching that ass down to the PP cornerstore shouldn’t be a huge effort. Fuck, can’t be any worse than the normal public clinics.

  8. Greg Newson says:

    I agree with Rush,she is a slut.Pay for your own contraception.
    The US national debt increased in February by over 220 billion dollars,the greatest ever for a 29 day period.So much for the recovery,fake, and like the
    propaganda from likes of Stalin and Goebbels,the tide is turning-all is well in the USA federal government.

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