Good News From Europe

Labour takes it on the chin

Labour has suffered its worst post-war election result as it was beaten into third place by UKIP and saw the BNP gain its first seats at Brussels.
Labour’s share of the vote at the European elections was just 15.3% – worse than party bosses had feared.
The Tories won with 28.6%, beating Labour in Wales but failing to increase their total share significantly.
The results have sent shockwaves through UK politics and led to renewed calls for Gordon Brown to quit as PM.

You hear that Gordon? It’s time to go.
(mind you, the BNP is not a party that I support)

June 7 (Bloomberg) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy led pro-business parties in defeating socialists in European Parliament elections, lessening the pressure for more stimulus measures to fight the deepest recession since World War II.
Amid signs the economic slump is bottoming out, the continent’s top two leaders escaped the drubbing in European Union-wide elections that was handed to U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and socialists in smaller countries including Spain, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Boy Obama really has some wide coat-tails in Europe, doesn’t he?

2 Responses to “Good News From Europe”

  1. nightfly says:

    Pro-business tickets beating socialists in the EU? And these were the people who were chanting Obama’s name! Heh, it’s like a fast-forward to our midterm elections, isn’t it Mr. President?

  2. NJ Sue says:

    The BNP are odious. But their rise is the result of the persistent liberal/lefty political dismissal of popular fears about mass immigration, cultural identity (only an acceptable topic if you’re a minority), and rampant crime. It’s a big mistake to deem certain topics off limits in the political sphere, where they just end up being driven underground to fester and erupt in nasty ways. Our political establishment should take note.

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