Gosh, What A Brilliant Idea!

Because, you know, it worked so damn well the last time

Fed forced to consider fresh stimulus

By Robin Harding in Washington

The US Federal Reserve’s meeting on Tuesday is likely to be one of its most difficult and divisive since, well, last August.

Sharply weaker economic data in recent weeks, a new peak in the eurozone debt crisis, and a downgrade to the triple A credit rating of the US have shaken confidence in a way that could spiral towards a new recession. The Fed will be forced to consider fresh stimulus in response.

We’ve spent trillions on “stimulus” and we are worse off than these same geniuses told us we’d be if we had spent nothing.

No more spending.

This government is like an alcoholic that thinks he can drink his way to sobriety. It needs an “intervention,” and we need to make damn sure we give it in 2012.

One Response to “Gosh, What A Brilliant Idea!”

  1. JeffS says:

    That news alone is likely to cause the stock market to dip. Again.

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