Gosh, Who’d Have Thought This Was A Bad Idea?

I mean, it’s not like there have been any similar cases recently

VINELAND — A Cumberland County politician has resigned following a “sexting” scandal in which text messages and nude pictures of himself were leaked to a website.

Louis N. Magazzu, after a decade at the top of Democratic politics and forays into national politics, submitted his immediate resignation from the Board of Freeholders Tuesday afternoon.

We’re in the very best of hands.

2 Responses to “Gosh, Who’d Have Thought This Was A Bad Idea?”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Thank you, South Jersey Democrat machine, for giving us another reason to dispise you. As if we needed more.

  2. Trochilus says:

    All I can do is smile. This guy has had an ongoing reputation for many years of being one of the nastiest people in NJ politics.

    Apparently he was gratuitously nasty to the wrong person and none of those Democrats politically allied with him would stand up to defend him — they were probably as glad to see him go an anyone!

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