Hey, Do the Mouse, Yeah!

All around the house, yeah!

Especially today.

5 Responses to “Hey, Do the Mouse, Yeah!”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    His most famous moment:

    On New Year’s Day 1965, miffed at having to work on the holiday, Sales ended his live broadcast by encouraging his young viewers to tiptoe into their still-sleeping parents’ bedrooms and remove those “funny green pieces of paper with pictures of U.S. Presidents” from their pants and pocketbooks. “Put them in an envelope and mail them to me,” Soupy instructed the children. “And I’ll send you a postcard from Puerto Rico!” He was then hit with a pie.

    Several days later, a chagrined Soupy announced that money was unexpectedly being received in the mail. He explained that he had been joking and announced that the contributions would be donated to charity. As parents’ complaints increased, WNEW’s management felt compelled to suspend Sales for two weeks. Young viewers picketed Channel 5. The uproar surrounding Sales’ suspension increased his popularity.

    Love that guy!

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Everything stopped in my neighborhood while Soupy was on. It was a wild, unpredictable and hilarious show that influences me to this day. White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie and Hippie and Reba and Nate in the stove are permanent parts of my sense of humor, which, thanks to them, is permanently twisted.

    I can’t tell you how often my whole high school would throw his quotes from the afternoon before into conversations, so popular and ingrained was he. And it goes on to this day: in his honor, I’m going as White Fang and my wife will be Blacktooth on Halloween. Just look for the giant black and white arms grunting and warbling at puzzled kids in Wanamassa.

    God bless you and grant you peace, Soup. And thanks for hours of irreplaceable fun.

    Always remember, kids: If at first you don’t succeed, try shortstop.

  3. Robin from Central AZ says:

    Oh heavens -the cultural icons from my childhood keep dying off. I remember really loving Soupy’s show. I have a photo of my sister and me having lunch on the coffee table while watching the show. Soupy was one of a kind and really knew how to entertain his audience! Rest in peace dear Soupy – no doubt in heaven today pies are flying.

  4. mojo says:

    The infamous “Naked Woman” prank


  5. greg newson says:

    I liked his show alot.That goes way back to the Mercury astronaut and Beatles days….

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