Hoooooooooo Boy!

No Christmas card for you…you…DENIER !!!

(2) Silencing Dissent: I believe the climate is always changing. But what percentage of that change is human-induced? Like most, I believe that a more balanced energy supply benefits us politically due to the reduced reliance on foreign sources and benefits us locally due to improved air quality. But several times during debates individuals have told me I should not question the “settled science” due to the moral imperative of “saving the planet”. As with a religious debate, I’m told that my disagreement means I do not “care enough” and even if correct, I should not question the science. This frightens me.

I can see the starving polar bears circling now…

One Response to “Hoooooooooo Boy!”

  1. greg newson says:

    It’s all about the population
    rising at an astronomical rate.
    The wackos fail to see that fact.We could all eat peanuts,but the rate is the problem.The USA will have 1
    billion population within 40 years..

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