Bailout cop: Treasury set ‘unrealistic expectations’

…A government watchdog says federal officials weren’t entirely honest with the public about the health of the first 9 financial firms that got federal bailouts, according to a report released Monday.

Oh, that Barofsky. What a trickster, trickster! Imagine the government BSing just to shove something down Joe-the-Plumber’s throat! (Bus. Get the BUS.) You know, there’s always one Bushy bitter clinger kinda person who causes all the trouble (Whaddaya mean, “the key”? YOU had it!) when Ivy League, graceful people have to clean up the mess and there’s just no point (Warmed up? Oh, goody!) riling up the sweaty masses, since they wouldn’t get it anyway. Just more tea type noise from the right, who only want America to fail and old people to die quicker.

(You spell it B.A.R.O.F…what? No, I don’t know if he’s listed! I thought YOU had the address…)

One Response to “How…Awkward

  1. nightfly says:

    If things keep up, they’re gonna need a bus with monster truck tires to fit everyone underneath.

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