How Beautifully Put

is this?

…It ended with a scene so touching it washed away any lingering memories of the stain Woods had put on this Masters.

The man who stands for everything Woods doesn’t stood wearing the green jacket Woods so desperately coveted…

True dat. Congrats, Phil.

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  1. Syd says:

    I will relay a personal encounter with Phil Michelson.

    In 2005, I was playing golf in Dallas at a charity event for a Children’s Hospital. The host of the event was Mike Modano, Captain of the Dallas Stars NHL team. The next day, Mr. Modano invited three of us to his private club for another round of golf. In the men’s room, afterwards, we were relaxing over a brew or three and were the only people in the lounge, with exception of two gentlemen sitting in the corner. At some point, Modano went to the restroom where he met one of the gentlemen at the other table. It was Phil Michelson, who, of course, Modano recognized immediately. As they were washing their hands, Modano introduced himself as the Captain of the Stars and a big fan. He politely asked him if he would come over to our table to briefly say hello to us as we were all major contributors to his charity. Phil abruptly responded, “I don’t think so” and walked back to his table. A short while later, Michelson left and the other gentleman he was with walked over to our table and said, “boys, it sounds like you’re a good bunch of guys. Do you mind if I join you? I’m Hubert Green. Nice to meet you.

    After a few beers with Mr. Green, Modano relayed the exchange in the restroom to which Hubert responded, “that big smile you see on TV? Its just for the cameras.

    Ever since, I’ve had difficulty with cheering on ole Phil.

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