How Dare That Loony Cowboy Romney Pick On Us!

Yes, some panties got in a twist the other night because the only foreign country mentioned in the debate was Spain. I mean, come on, it really was insulting to their honor and dignity to hold them up as an example of how we don’t want to end up, right?

Certainly we should show respect for their thoughts and somber, sincere efforts to solve these intractable problems forced upon them by predatory lenders.

Romney would do well to follow the lead set by our Betters In Europe, for example

You know that something is seriously wrong with your economy when you tell an audience of learned academics and students at an elite university that your country doesn’t need a bailout, and the room rings with the sound of laughter

That’s what happened when Spanish finance minister Luis de Guindos took to the stage at the London School of Economics (LSE) and became an unexpected comic figure on Thursday evening.

“Spain doesn’t need a bailout at all,” de Guindos said, straight faced and somber, as mirth spread throughout the audience — even de Guindos’ assistant interpreter couldn’t mask a smile.

One Response to “How Dare That Loony Cowboy Romney Pick On Us!”

  1. JeffS says:

    Ooooo, that had to leave a mark!

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