HOW Did the “Obama Sad Sisters Traveling Circus” Answer the Question

“WHAT is the Federal government actually DOING?”

…about the oil assault on Lousiana’s beaches and marshes?
To a ONE ~ TO A ONE ~ they all broke into a chorus of…
BP SUCKS!!!! They suck so bad!!
They make you mad, they SUCK THAT BAD!!!
(Jindal, blow it out your rear!
You’re just damn lucky that we’re here!)
Did we mention BP sucks,
And owes us ALL BIG BUCKS?!
BP sucks! BP sucks!
BP will pay to clean the ducks!!

And that was it.

2 Responses to “HOW Did the “Obama Sad Sisters Traveling Circus” Answer the Question”

  1. Greg Newsom says:

    This is the nation that went to the moon,invaded Normandy and created the most prosperous nation in history.
    It’s now been reduced to waiting for British engineers
    to solve our problems.
    How far we have fallened.
    They can’t do anything anymore.A true Nanny state.
    How right you are.
    Throw all the bums out and get some Human Beings in there

  2. […] they won’t, because it doesn’t fit the “BP sucks! It’s not my fault! I’m OUTRAGED! (See my clenched jaw? )” […]

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