How To Insult 300 Million Customers

Yeah, I know Blockbuster just went Chapter 11 today, but the Netflix CEO can kiss my ass in Macy’s window

THR: American services when they enter the Canadian market typically charge the locals more than they charge stateside. Why the discount for Canadians?

Hastings: We want to provide an incredible value for Canadians, and it’s the lowest price we have anywhere in the world for unlimited screenings. And anyone can try it for free for a month. It’s pretty addictive.

THR: Are you concerned that American Netflix subscribers will look north and ask for the same discount Canadians get at $7.99?

Hastings: How much has it been your experience that Americans follow what happens in the world? It’s something we’ll monitor, but Americans are somewhat self-absorbed.


8 Responses to “How To Insult 300 Million Customers”

  1. JeffS says:

    Since I’ve never subscribed to Netflix, I can breath a sigh of relief that my money doesn’t support this bottom feeder.

    And, of course, I never will.

    I’d suggest that Hastings apologize, but it would be more fun to watch his America subscriptions plumment. Voting with your feet is always more satisfying.

  2. Laura says:

    OH NO HE DIDN’T. Fucker. But here’s the thing…. he’s mostly correct. Most people don’t follow current events AND they’re not going to do without their movie viewing or inconvenience themselves to make a statement Sad, but true.

  3. major dad says:

    He’s a tool but he’s probably right, remember we have quite a few residents who think Africa is a country and can’t tell you who we fought in the Korean War.

  4. Gunslinger says:

    Americans should e-mail Hastings and let him know that we aren’t too self absorbed to let him know that he’s a grade A doucherocket.

  5. True, major dad, but most of those who don’t know basic history DO know about celebrities and their doings, and get their news from TMZ and the lot. I bet a lot of them will say buh-bye to Netflix.

  6. Ave says:

    “Somewhat” self-absorbed? No way, not our me-first secularized culture.

  7. nightfly says:

    You know what I find most insulting about his statement? Not just the “Americans don’t give two shits about world events” jive, but the implication that what Netflix does falls under the category of “world events.”

    We keep track of the important stuff – your pricing plans in Canada is NOT on the radar, Smiley.

  8. Mark says:

    I love Netflix. But as soon as a viable competitor shows up – and offers me Canadian pricing, I’m jumping at it it.

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