How To Win Gracefully And Joyously

Darren Clarke won his first tournament in 3 years on Sunday.

Instead of hopping on a private jet he took a commercial flight from Spain to Belfast…and bought a round of drinks for everyone

Golf star Darren Clarke bought an entire plane full of passengers a drink to celebrate his recent Iberdrola Open success.

Fresh from the competition in Majorca on Sunday, Mr Clarke declined his usual private jet, and boarded his first ever Easyjet flight from Palma to Belfast.

Not content to drink alone, he spent some of his €166,660 (£146,920) winnings on a round for everyone on board.


One Response to “How To Win Gracefully And Joyously”

  1. tree hugging sister says:

    First. Class. Act.

    Just for contrast, did you hear Phil whining again at the Players, by the way…? God.

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