How’s That for “Change”?

The economic downturn will likely cost as many as 25 million people their jobs by end-2010 as the unemployment rate nears a record 10 percent in the OECD group of countries, according to a report released on Wednesday.

Money quote?

…”A major risk is that much of this large hike in unemployment becomes structural in nature,” the report said.

Caution: Economic genius on board and he brought all his BFF’s with him.

One Response to “How’s That for “Change”?”

  1. greg newson says:

    Please won’t anyone listen.The
    problem is illegal immigration.
    That is the reason for all this.
    11 percentage of the workforce in California are illegals.The
    unemployment in Calif is 12 percentage.
    Please! someone listen.They’re everywhere.Are
    we blind? Smugginess-if such a word exists-.There’s at least 30 million here illegally.Doing hard physical
    jobs,with no education;carpet layers,roofers burn- out in their early 30s.So the rich
    fu#kers will assign them to us to support from 38 till death.The rich fu#kers also
    brought the slaves to work in the South.Now their descendents are still on welfare.No racism.Just the BS.

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