Hungary Joining The PIIGS?

The euro’s getting hit this morning on the news

LONDON—European stocks turned lower as concerns about the health of the region reemerged following some bearish comments by leading investment banks, prompting fears that an economic recovery may be derailed.

The euro sank, with traders citing official comments on Hungary’s woes and rumors of derivative problems at Société Générale.

“We won’t comment on market rumors,” a spokeswoman for France’s third-largest bank said, adding, “if we had something to say, we would have said it.”

…The Hungarian prime minister’s spokesman declined to comment on remarks by Lajos Kosa, managing vice president of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, that Hungary is facing a Greece-like sovereign-debt crisis and will need crisis-management measures. But the spokesman, Peter Szijjarto, said the new government won’t let the country’s economy go the same way as Greece.

The euro’s down to 1.2065 at the moment.

And people are getting wise to the fact that a goodly portion of any improvement in this morning’s job numbers may have come from the Census Department gaming the numbers.

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