I Feel Something Is Amish…

So a few weeks ago when my Bride and I travailed out to Indiana for my Dashing Nephew’s wedding to his scrumpdillyiciously beeeee-youtiful Bride we took, as y’all well know, a survival pack to get us through the weekend because my Google-Fu had revealed that the locality where the hitching was occurring was an Amish town and bars were not surprisingly few and far between.

As we drove into town we were serenaded by the delightful clippity-cloppity patter of the horses’ hooves as they perambulated about with their buggies attached, filled with bearded blue-shirted men and be-shawled women. It makes for…interesting…driving conditions for those of us in motorized vehicles. Kind of cool, but interesting.

After we checked into the hotel I asked the charming gal at the front desk where we could eat and more importantly drink. As what I rightly took as a sign of favor from the Divine, she informed me that the one occupied dwelling in the otherwise empty mini-strip mall next door happened to be a “decent” Mexican restaurant with a liquor license. Hallelujah!

Now here is the time in this tale when I must confess my dreadful ignorance: whilst I may display a worldly facade, I am in fact naught but a simple provincial knave from the untamed mountains of western New Jersey. Case in point: I had always assumed that Amish men spent the weightier part of their days in somber conversation, referring to each other as “Elder Jakob” or some such all the while stroking their beard in a rustic yet learned manner.

I am ashamed.

Little did I realize that the Amish, well these Amish at least, are, in fact, Party Animals.

My first hint to this groundbreaking revelation was ascertained when I looked longingly out our hotel window at the Mexican restaurant and saw this


That, my friends, in all its “Blazing Saddles” glory, is a buggy tied up at a horse rail.

Outside the Mexican restaurant.

Which serves these


And inside, indeed, there were the Amish folk drinking margaritas and beer, washing down the (tolerable) Mexican food.

I love this country.

2 Responses to “I Feel Something Is Amish…”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Being in Indiana you, most likely were around Mennonites. They generally aren’t quite as Orthodox as Amish. More than once I’ve seen a van load of Mennonites at rest stops in Indiana and Ohio.

  2. Dr Alice says:

    Thank you for posting this. You just lightened my mood after an excremental day at the office.

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