I Got Called “Hateful” For This Joke, But Here It Goes Regardless…

Why can’t you tell Joe Biden knock-knock jokes?

Because he keeps getting up to answer the door

…because I have proof to back it up.

There ya go. Laugh your asses off guilt free.

Not that you weren’t anyway.

6 Responses to “I Got Called “Hateful” For This Joke, But Here It Goes Regardless…”

  1. JeffS says:

    Hateful? I’d say “Genius”. Unlike Biden, who seriously puts “Corzine” and “serious economic recovery plan” into the same sentence.

  2. This video is destined to be used by the republican prez candidate in 2012. If Obama wanted to wreck the country then he chose the right counsel in Corzine.

  3. kcruella101 says:

    I am sure she meant it with love

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, I’m sure, which is why I was so “diplomatic”. But then again, I always am. {8^P Which is ALSO why you’ll notice I didn’t post the video…

  5. kcruella101 says:

    More diplomatic than I would be, the video may have helped explain things to her

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’ve been chuckling about that joke all weekend.

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