Cumberland Farms clerk hurt chasing David Hasselhoff thieves

Don’t even THINK about Hassling the Hoff!

A Connecticut Cumberlands Farms store clerk was critically injured while desperately trying to thwart the theft of two ad signs featuring “Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff.

But I WISH I did…

5 Responses to “I Know NOTHING!!”

  1. mojo says:

    Hasselhoffers! They’re like locusts…

  2. BlackDog says:

    The Apocalypse has begun.

  3. JeffS says:

    Locusts, nuttin’, mojo!

    More like piranhas…..

  4. kcruella101 says:

    Might the sign be hidden away next to an old roadblock maybe?

  5. Julie says:

    It’s with the KFC bucket.

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