I Sure Hope These Guys Got Some Stimulus Moolah

Not only is this vital work preserving ethnic and cultural history through folklore traditions, in a very REAL sense it’s addressing the dilemma humanity faces as we grapple with CLIMATE CHANGE: what is unpleasant and natural versus what is unpleasant and unnatural, and therefore needs to be taxed/regulated/verbotened out of existence?

The computer models can’t tell the whole story…

“Breaking Wind: Legendary Farts”

The furrier said, “If you have to fart like that, then go out into the courtyard. There you can fart as much as you like.” Eulenspiegel answered, “A fart is more natural and healthier than the stench of your sheep pelts.”

The furrier said, “Healthy or not, if you want to fart, then go outside.” Eulenspiegel said, “Master, it would do no good, because farts don’t like the cold. They are used to being in a warm place. That’s why if you let a fart it always rushes for your nose. It goes from one warm place to another.

Stifling scientific research is just wrong.

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