I Think the Word the Prizzy Meant to Use

…is “BONED”.

Iran, world powers agree to nuclear deal

…”Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off,” Obama said, claiming it provides for extensive inspections. “This deal is not built on trust. It is built on verification.”

…While some members of Congress had urged comprehensive inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites, the deal in hand gives Iran much leverage over that process. The agreement requires international inspectors to ask Iran’s permission first, after which Iran has 14 days to decide whether to grant it. If not, the same group of nations that struck the deal would have another 10 days to make their decision about what to do next. While the international group may have final say, the set-up essentially gives Iran 24 days to drag out the process, though officials say this is not enough time to hide all evidence of illicit conduct.

If EVER there was a time for the GOP majority Congress to ACT like it had a clue, I would vote for NOW.


4 Responses to “I Think the Word the Prizzy Meant to Use”

  1. Syd B. says:

    The starting pistol just went off and the nuclear race in the Middle East is on. The only event that can stop it now would be Israeli intervention and frankly, I can’t see how this won’t happen now. If Israel takes military steps to halt Iran’s nuclear intentions, they would do so with the blessing of Saudi, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Western Europe, Canada, Britain and, I would guess, the majority of US citizens. Yes, this effort has been the biggest Obama failure in a very long list of monumental failures during his two terms. Gov. Walker said in his announcement speech the other day that he would reverse any agreement that took place with Iran. Lets hope that Congress does their job first. If they don’t, I’m afraid that the Israeli airforce will be fueling up.

  2. JeffS says:

    War is coming to the Middle East, courtesy of the Obama Administration.

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    The only way this would work is if “their decision about what to do next” included dropping a few MOABS on Iranian leaders. Or worse. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen.

  4. Julie says:

    Plus, no mention was made of prisoners like Pastor Saeed Abedini (an American who has been imprisoned for his Christian faith in the worst Iranian prison for over 1000 days). Does Kerry’s dictionary even have the word “leverage” in it??

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