“I Think They Should Interfere, Ma’am”

“The United States should do something. They’re not gonna say like they say in Egypt or in Tunisia, okay well. Not doing anything until they knew the regime was gone and then they stepped in. And this is what they’re doing in Libya right now. They are staying away until they knew the people are taking over and THEN they’re gonna come in. But we want them to do that before that happens. We want them to do that and show that they are for the people. For the Constitution, for freedom.
This country has suffered a lot. Forty-two years.
That’s enough.”

A 58 year old Libyan businessman named Muhammed braves bullets and tanks at a violent protest to report via cell phone to NPR’s Michele Norris. His natural dignity is amazing, his sense of calm, surreal, and his commitment is unwavering. He is the epitome of a gentleman through the entire piece.

As sounds of fierce fighting begin erupting around his position, she asks what he wants the world to do, what he wants America to do. His reply is the most eloquent and poignant exegesis of the moral vacancy of the Obama Administration’s attitude thus far.

Sadly, it’s also an excruciating reminder that the “Bright Shining Light”, our beacon into the dark places of the world ~ the implied promise of an ardent defense of those who strive righteously towards Freedom ~ is now a frail, uncertain and feeble wash of frosty hue, and fickle about whom the beam brushes.


“Thank you ma’am. You have good day.”

9 Responses to ““I Think They Should Interfere, Ma’am””

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Wife made me listen to it; her car, her radio. The heavy weapon fire and explosions in the background were dramatic to say the least.

    That guy’s pleas fell on tin ears. O will do nothing but talk when he should have put a carrier force offshore to dare Kaddafi to keep killing his people.

    We’re the only ones who can fix this but we have one — ONE — destroyer anywhere near the place. His incompetence and cowardice is mind blowing.

  2. major dad says:

    To borrow a bit from Bill Murray “This man has no dick and no balls.” BHO doesn’t have a clue, he’s completely feckless and his poor Press Spokesman is left to the wolves. IMHO he should have moved at least an Amphibious Ready Group in and in no uncertain terms told Q-ball if one American is harmed you and your military are toast. Obliterated so to speak.

  3. JeffS says:

    Just remind Q-Ball what Reagan did, Major Dad, and add, “And that’ll only be the START!”

  4. ericinva says:

    I’m not sure exactly what, if anything, we COULD do. But the inconsistency between O’s reaction to Egypt and his near total lack of reaction to Libya is jarring.

    If there’s reluctance to establish a no-fly zone or put boots on the ground, I’d think we could at least do something to provide arms and supplies to the opposition.

    But what do we do if/when the sh*t hits the fan in Saudi Arabia?

  5. Michael Lonie says:

    In Saudi we need to help the Saudis survive because otherwise the whole region goes over to Iran.

    As for Libya, there are two carrier groups and an MEU on the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. They should have been steaming towards Libya from day 1. The carriers can establish the no-fly rule by shooting down or shootig on the ground all Qaddhafi’s aircraft. His navy seems to be going over to the rebels already. A few A teams helping train and arm the rebels in the East and the MEU to cooperate when they push west should do it. The MEU might even take out Qaddhafi’s “elite” imported African mercs. They look like being a bunch of scummy yahoos, good only for murdering masses of unarmed civilians, easy pickings for trained Marines.

    Once Camel boy is out or dead, the tribes can form a council and take over. We can pull out PDQ. I do not actually expect anything favorable to the US to result, but Qaddhafi is so noxious as to be an enemy no matter what. If the Muslim Brothers or Al Qaida take over, we need just remind the Libyans that a country that is for all practical purposes all seacoast doesn’t want to pick fights with the US Navy. Been there, done that, and the Marines have a line in a song to mention it.

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  7. Michael Lonie says:

    Al-Arabiya reports the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has bases in Libya from which they smuggle arms to rebels in Chad and Niger. Camel Boy is our enemy, the ally of our enemies, a noxious scumbag,and should be taken out PDQ. He’s a varmint that needs killin’.

  8. As I tip my hand towards my ear, do I hear the shouting of the same pillocks who cried out, “Yes, let’s all invade Iraq!?

    As the average American has difficulty locating New York, how are they placed as to the viability of any military action against a dictator who has a fairly competent army, and a whole lot of bullets?

    I am not defending Ghaddafi for one second, but if one American soldier places his boots on Libyan territory, or one American jet overflies Tripoli without specific U.N. clearance and involvement, the whoops of joy from Iran will be heard all over the Middle East.

    World superpower? Probably.

    World’s Policeman? Don’t you guys ever learn?

  9. Mr. Bingley says:

    Er, Mike I highly doubt the average American has any trouble locating NY. Tripoli, sure. But NY? Come on, let’s not get silly.

    I have no desire to see any Americans there. The UN has just praised Libya’s human rights record, so clearly the place is a paradise.

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