I’d Think About Rehiring the Officers You Laid Off

…and maybe filling in the gaps with hired guns.

If the Federal Emergency Management Agency approves the sheriff’s department’s proposal, which would cost $70 million over three years, up to 100 DynCorp employees would be deputized to be make arrests, carry weapons, and dress in the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Department khaki and black uniforms.

$70 million can go along way and you won’t have the police/community issues you will with a hired paramilitary outfit. What worked for them in Kabul won’t fly here.
And another thing I noticed ~ is this WaPo code-speak for “Mexican construction labor”?

Besides being nearly broke, the department has a host of new challenges. The FBI has warned that gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, could come attached to construction crews and establish operations, prompting the department to establish a strike team that has already arrested eight alleged members, police officials said.

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