If I Were A High School Lad…

I think I’d be in love

“When I go out hunting, it’s really exciting,” (17 year old Jessica) Olmstead said. “Whenever I see a bear I just want to go at it. When you’re hunting, your heart is racing, your blood is pumping, and you feel that adrenaline rush. I really love to hunt.”

Olmstead killed a 448-pound black bear with a Matthews Passion bow and arrow set, designed for women, from a little over 16 yards away.

…”I’m not just saying this because she’s my daughter,” Tim said. “But she’s probably one of the best listeners I’ve every taught. With the bear she showed a lot of patience. She tracked the bear, killed it, and gutted it like a pro, like she’s been doing it for years.”

…or I’d be petrified.

13 Responses to “If I Were A High School Lad…”

  1. WunderKraut says:

    Wow! She is one heck of a woman! freaking 448 pound bear only 48 feet away!!! Holy crap, I would be, well, crapping my britches…then she gutted it? To bad she is too old for my 10 year old son. I would be proud to have her as a daughter in law

  2. Yojimbo says:

    Wonder how she feels about….manbearpig!

  3. Skyler says:

    I wouldn’t like to be that close to a bear without an M-2.

  4. Skyler says:

    And she used a bow and arrow? Wow.

  5. don says:

    Exactly. Lol. Seriously though, that is quite a feat. Certainly with a bow and arrow.

  6. major dad says:

    I’m sure she’s somebody’s fantasy in Real Tree Cammo.

  7. Laura says:

    Oh, that’s nothing. I once brought down a 1500 pound cow. Yeah. With a car. Yeah. And then I ate it. Hoorah!

  8. JeffS says:

    Whoa. I have friends who bear hunt, but they use bait barrels, blinds, and rifles. Stalking with bow and arrow? Color me very impressed.

  9. Skyler says:

    I’ve never hunted before, but I fail to understand the use of blinds and bait. I mean if your intent is to eat the bear as your subsistence, then all’s fair. But as a sport it just seems like cheating at solitaire.

  10. JeffS says:

    They hunt for the meat, Skyler. So, yeah, sport doesn’t enter into it.

    Although the bear skulls and skins are cool, I must admit.

  11. Skyler says:

    They are subsistence bear hunters? Hard to believe.

  12. tree hugging sister says:

    (Laura. You’re an animal. What more is there to say? Except, “STAY AWAY!”)

    Have you ever seen that Larsen cartoon, where the first frame is the poor bear bent down drinking at the pool and the hunter is peeking out from the tree behind him, ready to blast…at his backside. the second frame is where the hunter has him mounted all snarling and ferocious, as if he’d been charging when he shot him…

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