I’m Not So Sure This

…is a good idea. But since I wasn’t sure if you all knew about it, I thought I’d throw it out there.

S 3696 (PERA), sponsored by Sen. Brownback (R-Kan), a companion bill to H.R. 2679 (PERA), sponsored by Rep. Hostetter (R-Ind.), would amend all relevant federal laws to eliminate the authority of judges to award taxpayer-paid attorney fees to the ACLU, or anyone else, in lawsuits under the Establishment of Religion Clause of the First Amendment against veterans memorials, the Boy Scouts, or the public display of the Ten Commandments of other symbols of America’s history with a religious aspect.

3 Responses to “I’m Not So Sure This”

  1. I don’t know the specifics of this bill but I think the idea is a good one. The ACLU seems to have made a practice of increasing its finances with lawsuits like this, despite its “nonprofit” status.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I’m not sure of the legal issues that might ensue, but the concept sounds wonderful to me. Cutting off the cashflow of lawyers? What’s wrong with that?

  3. Cindermutha says:

    I’m not so sure about it either. How about we just get rid of the ACLU and people offended by tradition and religion can just retain their own lawyers? That should dry up stupid lawsuits really quick.

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