It’s Kind Of Telling

That one has to go to the UK to find an article like this about Joe Biden

Dominic Lawson: Why should anyone trust Joe Biden?
The Democrats’ candidate for VP doesn’t deserve to be called a sage
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Joseph Robinette Biden – known to all as “Joe” – was once the most talked about American politician in Britain. Unfortunately for the senior Delaware Senator, all the talk was accompanied by incredulous laughter.

Read the rest for a convenient reminder of just how ‘ready’ and ‘intelligent’ and ‘experienced’ Joe is…and imagine how the US MSM would be screaming if Palin had done any of this stuff.
I forget where I read it, probably somewhere in the comments at Ace’s, but I agree with the person who said that they really really hope that at some point in the debate tomorrow Sarah turns to Biden and says “That’s a really good line, Joe; Neil Kinnock write that for you?”

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