“It’s Not Optimal” (Bumped For Update)

Blest be the ties that binders

President Barack Obama, during an interview to be shown on Comedy Central, has responded to a question about his administration’s communications after the Benghazi attack, by saying: ‘If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.’

Obama was speaking to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for a programme to be broadcast tonight.

Stewart, a liberal whose audience of young voters is prized by the Obama campaign, asked the president about his handling of the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.

It’s also a bump in the road and a drag for the guy who is “…very confident about is my judgment in foreign policy is, I believe, better than any other candidate in this race, Republican or Democrat”.

As the record has so clearly shown.

UPDATE: Oh hells yes

The mother of an American diplomat killed during a terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has hit out at Barack Obama for describing the attack as ‘not optimal’, saying: ‘My son is not very optimal – he is also very dead.’

8 Responses to ““It’s Not Optimal” (Bumped For Update)”

  1. nightfly says:

    I’d hate to see someone whose judgment is worse than President Gutsy Call, there.

  2. Syd B. says:

    The seems appear to be splitting for TheOne.

  3. Syd B. says:

    Sorry. That should be “seams”.

  4. mojo says:

    What a putz. “Not optimal”, sheesh.

  5. Dave E. says:

    The “no shit, Sherlock” political moment of all time.

  6. JeffS says:

    Just for giggles, I’d to ask President Zero just what he considers to be “optimal”.

  7. Kathy Kinsley says:

    @JeffS – if he answered, I suspect groans would be more likely than giggles.

    Mostly off topic: this guy probably wasn’t ‘optimal’ either. But he was a MAN. (In MY vocabulary, that’s still a GOOD THING. Via Insty)

  8. Syd B. says:

    Wow! Cathy, that is an incredible story. I wonder what it was like for the poor guy, going through airport security? And to live to 94.

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