It’s The Return Of Captain Pablum

Given the ire it evoked, am I alone in thinking there was a major re-write before they released this text?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The White House released the text Monday of a controversial back-to-school speech to students from President Obama.

Many conservatives have expressed a fear that the address would be used to push a partisan political agenda. In the text of the speech, however, Obama avoids any mention of controversial political initiatives. He repeatedly urges students to work hard and stay in school.

“No matter what you want to do with your life, I guarantee that you’ll need an education to do it,” he says.

“This isn’t just important for your own life and your own future. What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country.”

The text of the 18-minute speech was posted on the White House Web site so people can read it before its scheduled Internet broadcast to schoolchildren Tuesday.

I really wish he would stop giving speeches and start doing something really wild and crazy…like, say, nominating people for all the job openings at Treasury and State.

Actually, on second thought, keep giving speeches, Barry!

3 Responses to “It’s The Return Of Captain Pablum”

  1. JeffS says:

    I’m sick of all the camera time he’s getting, but better smiling for the audience than sitting in the Oval Office.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Quite a few people are already sick of his facetime and this latest cheap stunt won’t help matters.

  3. Mike says:

    The thing I don’t get is why he was giving a speech about staying in school to the kids who were already *in* school. Shouldn’t the address have aired at noon on Nickelodeon, ESPN, and whatever else kids watch when they play hookey?

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