It’s Time to Play, “Name That Racist Nut Job Talking About Obama”

…“He believes in government controlling the lives of the people,” ****** said. “He wants government in anything and everything. Health insurance. He wants it in your job, the way you run your lifestyle, culture. He wants to take away your guns, which is a constitutionally-protected right.”

…“He doesn’t care about a budget. I’ve never known a president who doesn’t care about a budget. How do you run the richest economy in the world without a budget?” ****** asked. “You can’t even run a shoe-shine stand without a budget.”

…“Oh, he’s got some plans he won’t dare discuss. He wants to take it some place where we’ve never been before, and it’s some place where we shouldn’t go. He is scary,” ****** answered.

“What do you think those plans are?” Tantaros asked.

To make America not as great as it once was,” ***** responded.

“That all countries should be equal, and everyone should get along, and stop thinking that European socialists is a bad system. We should be like them. We should be like France, as it’s approaching a 75% rate for taxation for wealthy. It’s crazy.”

Yeah, you were right. Can’t put anything over on YOU guys.

It was National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry C. Alford on Andrea Tantaros’ show yesterday.

I’d be watching the skies, brother Alford…

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