I’ve Put Off Posting On This

…both because I wanted to wait until it was confirmed and because I was just plain sick at the thought. But he took the deal, his camp issuing patently ridiculous interpretations of the findings which are in themselves disgusting, delusional and devoid of personal responsibility. So I can’t pretend it never happened and he’s our golden boy anymore.

Gatlin loses record in deal
After accepting the accuracy of an incriminating drug test, Olympic and world champion sprinter Justin Gatlin faces up to an eight-year ban from track and field competition.
In exchange, the Woodham High graduate avoids a lifetime ban from the sport — the penalty for a second positive test.
Gatlin, 24, will be stripped of his co-world record-tying time of 9.77 seconds that he ran in May. He also agreed to cooperate with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s efforts, but his compromise does not stipulate that he testify against his coach, Trevor Graham, who has been involved with at least a half-dozen athletes who have received drug suspensions.

The one thing I don’t get ~ His coach is track and BASEBALL’s acknowledged dirtballpondscum:

…The case is about more than Gatlin. It’s also about his coach, Trevor Graham, who now has had at least seven athletes test positive for banned drugs. Graham precipitated the BALCO scandal in June 2003 when he sent a vial containing a designer steroid to USADA, which found a way to identify the previously undetectable substance thanks to work by the Olympic testing lab at UCLA.
Graham portrayed himself as a whistleblower and has denied any involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.
“As Trevor has stated publicly, he completely supports Justin Gatlin and Justin’s cooperation with USADA and efforts to get reinstated,” said Graham’s lawyer, Joseph Zeszotarski, in a released statement. “Trevor knows he has done nothing wrong in his relationship with Justin or any of his athletes and only wants the truth to come out.”
But Graham, according to a recent report in The New York Times, is under scrutiny by a federal grand jury as well as USADA.

Why in God’s name did he ~ WOULD he ~ ever hook up with this guy?
But I guess that answer’s plain enough, too.

2 Responses to “I’ve Put Off Posting On This”

  1. John says:

    “which found a way to identify the previously undetectable substance thanks to work by the Olympic testing lab at UCLA.”
    Hooray for Analytical Chemistry at UCLA!

  2. And may they keep on truckin’.

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