I’ve Seen This Movie

Bedtime Biden is suddenly postulating that it would be a terrific idea to quarantine the entire state of Florida. Just restrict the whole lot of us to our alligator and pestilence infested borders: pesky, popular governor, whole lot less dead people overall, vastly more grannies still breathing than Killer Cuomo, no leather dominatrix vibes like Michigan’s soul crushing Whitler, people WORKING, EATING, SUPERBOWLING. Just wants to box the whole mess up, for God’s sake, and get it over with.

Not surprisingly, that same popular-because-he’s-competent governor has a problem with Bedtime’s approach to virus management:

As vaccinations in the state continue, Gov. Ron DeSantis rebuffed domestic travel restrictions, to or from Florida, that the Biden administration is considering because of concerns the COVID variants are threatening to exacerbate the pandemic.

“I think it would be unconstitutional. I think it would be unwise and it would be unjust,” DeSantis said Thursday during a news briefing in Port Charlotte. “Any attempt to restrict or lock down Florida would be an attack on our state done particularly for political purposes. We will not back down. If anyone tries to target us, we will respond swiftly.”

Governor DeSantis (MY governor) also pointed out a glaring inconsistency in Sleepy Joe’s erstwhile edict fever dreams (happy emphasis mine):

The governor said he opposes restricting the right of Americans to travel freely throughout the country while allowing illegal immigrants to pour across the southern border “unmolested,” adding that it would be a “ridiculous and damaging farce.” 

And WHY do we love this guy?


I would expect that the geniuses running Joe Biden (meant as written) will shortly stand upon their pandemic porn soapy boxes to scream as emotionally as they are able that this transcends “constitutional” liberties, because…HUMANITY! HOW DARE YOU! HITLER! FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

And, well…you know…their autocratic, auto- default. They’re already practicing, I KNOW it.

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