Just One More Thing to Add to Captain Kick Ass’s

…”You’d think they’d thank me” list.

Myth: Buying used is safer, now that “cash for clunkers” has cleared out the jalopies.

Truth: Lemons are still out there — and they’re even more expensive.

The “cash for clunkers” program did take a lot of the lower-end vehicles off the market, but thanks to the recession, drivers have been less able to afford proper maintenance for their cars. That’s led to more lemons on the market, including some with problems even a savvy buyer armed with a vehicle history report might miss.We’re not seeing good cars traded in,” says LeeAnn Shattuck, a co-owner of negotiation and buying service Women’s Automotive Solutions. “A lot of the used cars on the market have been neglected.”

Worse, inflation has pushed up prices even on the crummy cars.

The story of this administration…

…in a single fruit.

4 Responses to “Just One More Thing to Add to Captain Kick Ass’s”

  1. Mike says:

    Let’s hope that the Republicans can offer us a nice refreshing glass of lemonade this November.

    (as a crude aside, and even worse attempt at a “lemon” joke, a French colleague of mine uses the term “squeeze the lemons” to refer to a stop at the restroom)

  2. You can barely find used cars around here. A lot for “pre-owned” luxury cars had just opened prior to the CfC program just down the highway from me. It is closed now. Didn’t last a year.

  3. Yojimbo says:

    Mike: More elimination-ist/ism is EXACTLY what is needed this November. Can that French guy vote? 🙂

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    Somebody, a fed I think, analyzed CfC and found it cost the government about $24,000 for each clunker giveaway. Dems also conveniently forgot to tell recipients the handout was taxable. This could be partly why the used-car market’s in the tank, so to speak.

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