Lamb Juicy Lucy

Yeah so I’m eating lamb again. But dang it’s good!

I just made a simple meal last night, a couple of Lamb Juicy Lucy’s

What, you ask, is a Juicy Lucy?

Well, it’s an inverted cheeseburger: the cheese is on the inside.

Make four patties of ground flesh, and put the cheese (in this case I used Gorgonzola) on two

then take the other two patties and seal the cheesy deal inside

and garlic salt and pepper generously

On to the grill!

The white smoke means there’s a new Pope.

Or that the lamb is fatty and delish.

Why is my drink making me lose focus?

No matter! Time to check the flames!

A few more mintues than it’s off to the potato rolls for you, my pretties!

This, Dear Readers, is the full glory of a Juicy Lucy

I highly recommend that you give them a try.

18 Responses to “Lamb Juicy Lucy”

  1. JeffS says:

    I checked the definition of “inverted”, and, yup, it does include turning things inside out. Just thought you should know. I’m a helper, I am!

    And that hamburger DOES look tasty! I trust Claude performed his usual quality control duties?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yes, you know him too well, Jeff.

    I had roughly a pound of ground lamb. 1/3 lb per burger.

    And 1/3 lb per Claude.

  3. Mori says:

    Oh, Claude is okay? I thought you had done something with him since he is not in any pictures. I’m greatly relieved he got his burger.

  4. Dave E. says:

    Ahem. It’s Jucy Lucy.

    That’s my old hood. Don’t mess with me, man. Oh, and those looked great!

  5. Ave says:

    Dang those look good. Do you think your Bride is also eating well these days?

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Based on where she said they went last night and are going tonight, yeah, I’m thinking she’s doing ok Ave.

    But you know the poor quality of vittles that your Pop offers, dear.

  7. Ave says:

    Hey Bingley – here’s a yummy Garlic & Rosemary steak/lamb marinade from common kitchen stuff – a recipe box stalwart since “Bon Appetit” Oct ’91. A half recipe is plenty for 2-3 people:

    1/2 C. olive oil, 1/2 C. soy sauce, 1/4 C. red wine or balsamic vinegar, 8 minced garlic cloves, 4 t. crumbled dried rosemary.

    Whisk marinade ingredients in glass dish. Add steak and turn to coat. Season generously with pepper. Cover and refrigerate all day turning occasionally. Pat fleisch dry and grill to desired doneness. Slice thinly across the grain.

    And it makes delish sandwiches!

  8. Ave says:

    We’ve absolutely got the best Pop two gals could ever, ever be so lucky to have.

  9. Mr. Bingley says:

    I called the club and arranged for a beverage for them for this evening, btw. As it was Barb who answered the phone I’m sure they will be quite well taken care of 🙂

  10. Ave says:

    OTOH so funny because I was going to call this afternoon to arrange the same thing, OTOH you beat me to it (damn!) but thanks for the info!

  11. Laura says:

    Eating lamb is baaaaaad for you.

    This message was brought to you by The Council of Lamb Adorableness which trumps The Council of Lamb Deliciousness and is in partnership with the Only Eat Ugly Animals Campaign.

  12. Mr. Bingley says:

    I reckon it’s a tad worse for Fluffy…

  13. Donna D. says:

    Mr. B – I think in a previous life you were a frustrated chef. I’m waiting to see more circus peanut desserts!

  14. Dr Alice says:

    B, can you recommend a cheap (well, inexpensive) propane grill? I have no grill, have been wanting to get one but would like propane specifically and don’t want to spend a lot of money. Given your expertise I thought you might be able to recommend a maker or two.

  15. Mr. Bingley says:

    Doc, I had a lot (well several) inexpensive propane grills over the years and they all (if you’ll pardon my french) sucked. I wasted a lot of money in $60 to $80 driblets over the years. You get what you pay for, it seems to me.

    The gasser you see above is a Broilmaster P3. I paid about $700 for it in 1999 and twelve years later it still is working fantastically. I know that’s a lot (heck, it’s probably close to $1000 now including the mounting post) but I just wanted to let you know my experience on these things.

    Depending upon your space issues and what you want to spend I don’t think you can go wrong with a Weber.

    This one gets good reviews and is only $140 but it does need something to sit on and is easy for someone to walk off with it…

    I’d also look around this site; the guy seems to give pretty straight forward advice.

    The cheap propane grills I had were always always treacherous in the flare-up department, so look and see if the one you get has a good grease draining system.

  16. Mr. Bingley says:

    And I know you said propane, but for the same price as that you can get this which is the one I have, and, well, there’s really no comparison.

    I was anti-charcoal for ever until I got this. Now I use it probably more than the gasser. Yes, the gas is much more convenient when time is of the essence or when it’s raining.

    But with a charcoal chimney starter the charcoal grill is ready to go in 20 minutes, and the ash collector at the bottom means you only have to empty the ashes out every 4th cook or so. Again, it depends on the circumstance of where you live 🙂

  17. Dr Alice says:

    Grazie, I’ll look into it.

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