Legal Inequality

If you’re going to hook-up, well, you’d best film it for your protection

The hookup got hot and wild, and one of the two men whipped out his cellphone to shoot a video of the room-to-room romp with the woman they’d just met that night.

The sex video may have been the only thing that saved the two from prison.

The woman accused them of rape. The video showed otherwise, police and prosecutors said. What happened that night led to the vicious beating of one of the men two days later.

Last Friday, a Sacramento Superior Court jury convicted Jasmine Levanna Kurre of felony assault likely to produce great bodily injury and of another count of felony battery.

Jurors acquitted Kurre of the misdemeanor filing of a false police report and of another felony count of robbing the beating victim of his cellphone.

Unfortunately for Kurre, 27, the man’s friend shot the video, showing her laughing and carrying on with the two alleged rapists – hence, the lack of charges against them and the lodging of the misdemeanor false-report accusation.

Now here’s what I don’t understand: 1) how could the jury possibly not convict her of filing a false police report, and 2) how is falsely filing a rape report, rape being a pretty felonious felony and one which could have sent these fellows away for years and years, only a misdemeanor? She should face the same penalty she tried to inflict on them.

But I have to give the final word on this to Police Detective Ron Pfleger:

“This is great stuff,” Citrus Heights Police Detective Ron Pfleger told the man who shot the video, according to a transcript of his interview five days after the Feb. 17, 2011, beating of his friend, outside the assault victim’s apartment. “This is exactly what you guys are hoping for.”

He only looks at amateur pr0n for the interviews

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  1. JeffS says:

    I suppose being required to watch pr0n as a part of your job might be considered a benefit. But that would depend on the quality of the evidence…..

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