Let Them Eat Cupcakes

For Valentine’s Day I brought home some presents for my Girls from the 1% Bake Shop around the corner from my office

(Extra Action eating photo)

I have no idea how I was not assaulted on the bus. These things smelled and looked so yum that there were many many covetous looks cast my way.

Oh and they tasted pretty darn yum, too.

Of course, as my office is in Nanny Bloombergistan in the shop each cupcake was labeled with its name, its price…and its calorie count.

4 Responses to “Let Them Eat Cupcakes”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    At least you don’t need a license to buy those … yet.

  2. Syd B. says:

    I think it moved.

  3. Kate P says:

    Well, hey, if they taste as good as they look, I hope you enjoyed every last calorie you were warned about. If you follow it up with a healthful glass of wine, you break even, right?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    That was my reasoning, Kate!

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