Looking For That Perfect Gift?

Perfect for me, that is? Well, Dear Readers, you know that wine is always the perfect, thoughtful, appreciated gift here at Chateau Bingley.

Now I just happened upon this little token of your appreciation this morning

Latour, (Pauillac), 2010

“It’s too early to know for sure, but the 2010 Latour appears to be a huge and massive Pauillac fruit bomb from this property. With 14.4% natural alcohol, this blend of 90.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8.5% Merlot and .5% Cabernet Franc, director Frederic Engerer told me it is unlike any other wine made at this estate. Possessing abundant amounts of everything, it even eclipses the 2009 in terms of power with a lower pH and higher total acidity. Representing only 36% of the production (making it even more difficult to find than usual, as this is the smallest of the Medoc first growths), it possesses an opaque black/purple color along with an extraordinary perfume of spring flowers, blueberry, blackberry and cassis liqueurs and hints of white chocolate as well as earth intermixed with vague charcoal and truffle-like components. With unreal concentration, full-bodied power, and a precision, freshness and refined level of tannins that are something to behold, this remarkable offering is one of my personal favorites of the vintage. It will undoubtedly shut down after bottling and enjoy 50-60 years of longevity.”

Doesn’t that just jump out at you and scream “I must buy this for Bingley!” Well, you should.

And at only $1,350 PER BOTTLE just imagine the joy you’ll provide me when I see that little case (a bargain at $16,200) nestled under our tree!

Of course, Sis has her heart set on the Petrus.

8 Responses to “Looking For That Perfect Gift?”

  1. Laura says:

    That’s a reasonable price. IF you’re one of THE Rockefellers.

  2. JeffS says:

    That boxed wine no longer cuts it for you, eh?

    What will you do with your Mac dispenser?

  3. Yojimbo says:

    I hope that .5% Cabernet Franc was rounded up. That seems about .0047% too high to my liking. How could you covet something with numbers like that?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    I actually like a lot of Cabernet Franc, Yojimbo; it adds a nice full fruit flavor to me. Of course, I may be somewhat partial since that’s also what I have growing in the Bingley Vineyard out back.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Jeff, as you well know if I’m buying then it’s box wine for everyone!

  6. mojo says:

    Ah, you don’t need that overpriced French swill.

  7. aelfheld says:

    You just keep imagining that joy.

  8. Syd B. says:

    The Latour Pinot can be had for under $20, but its hard to find, also. The restaurants buy it up so quickly, the public is left searching the shelves. If I find one, I’ll send you….. my opinion.

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