Magnanimous Meglomaniac

The one thing that I want to insist on is that, as I travel around the country, the American people are a decent people. Now they get confused sometimes. You know, they listen to the wrong talk radio shows or watch the wrong TV networks, um, but they’re, they’re basically decent, they’re basically sound.

…mouths more mucilaginous mush. We’re confused, bitter clingers, who mean well, but continually get sh*t wrong because we just can’t keep our little pinheads from listening to the wrong stuff.

(Of course, he wouldn’t dare say that this year, but he’s come close…) To quote Mr. Levin:

“Gee, thanks.”

Via Ace.

2 Responses to “Magnanimous Meglomaniac”

  1. ricki says:

    He’s calling people’s choices of where they get their information and entertainment from “wrong” (“wrong talk shows,” “wrong television networks”). And he’s NOT referring to talk shows where they kill puppies or television networks that are p0rn 24/7.
    That’s scaring me. If elected, is he going to be decided we need to be “protected” from all of this “wrong” thinking?

  2. Gunslinger says:

    That settles it, jugears believes his hype machine so much that he really believes he is a god.
    I wish he’d try to walk across shark-infested waters.

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