Marlow Cowan and His Sweetheart

…found a piano at the Mayo Clinic and just couldn’t pass it by.

The Clinic had them back for a repeat performance. Marlow said,

“It’s great to be here. We’re lucky to be anyplace at our age.”

Cool, huh?

3 Responses to “Marlow Cowan and His Sweetheart”

  1. NJ Sue says:

    I hope I have that much joy in life when I”m their age. Heck, I could use it now!

  2. I said to the surgeon, “will I be able to play the piano after my surgery?”
    He replied, “No problem at all. Sir!”
    I said, “Thats wonderful, because I don’t know how to play the piano at all now!”

    I thang yew!

  3. jw says:

    I meant to leave this comment last night, but I go soooo wrapped up in all of their other videos.

    What an absolutely wonderful couple! Kudos on them, and to you for posting this.

    They are delightful!

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