Massachussetts Neck and Neck With California for Whack Job State Award: And I Hope MY RIGHT to THOROUGHLY

THRASH HIM to within an inch of his LIFE if I ever CAUGHT HIM is also as “protected” in a public space.

Mass. High Court: Subway Upskirt Photos Not Illegal

Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled that a man accused of secretly snapping photos up a woman’s skirt on an MBTA train did not break the law.

The State Supreme Judicial Court on Wednesday dismissed charges against Michael Robertson of Andover, who was arrested in August 2010 by transit police.

…“Because the MBTA is a public transit system operating in a public place and uses cameras, the two alleged victims here were not in a place and circumstance where they reasonably would or could have had an expectation of privacy,” a draft of the ruling stated.

So Massachussetts will TAKE YOUR CHILD AWAY, even if you live in a different state, but, God forbid you wear a SKIRT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE.

You’re on your own, bitches.

8 Responses to “Massachussetts Neck and Neck With California for Whack Job State Award: And I Hope MY RIGHT to THOROUGHLY”

  1. JeffS says:

    You ought to add Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey as nominees for the “Whack Job State Award”.

  2. Syd B. says:

    “….not in a place and circumstance where they could have had expectations of privacy”. What an odd finding. Is the judge suggesting that these young girls should have expected a pervert to be peering up their skirts? What kind of society have we become when the absence of perversion is not a reasonable expectation in public.

  3. leelu says:

    Solution: Charm school. And guns. But, mostly guns.

  4. ricki says:

    My reaction was, “Ah. Then in Massachusetts, if a guy tries to upskirt-photograph you, then kicking him in the nuts must be legal, too.”

  5. aelfheld says:

    The same judicial anarchists finding ’emanations’ and ‘penumbras’ in fundamental law will parse simple legislation into non-existence.

  6. Greg Newsom says:

    There’s something so wrong about this decision. There’s an expression something like your right to freedom of expression ends at my chin,or something like that.
    So my right to privacy, even in public, begins between my legs.

  7. major dad says:

    I shook my head when I first read the verdict but then when I saw how the law read, it was the right decision. They have since moved quickly to change the wording. Go read the law as it was written and I think you will agree.

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    Indeed, md, it was a poorly written law.

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