Need a Biscuit?

Break a rock.

Myanmar’s military regime has forced cyclone survivors to do menial labor in exchange for food and has stepped up a campaign to evict the homeless from aid shelters, an international human rights group said Thursday.
…In mid-May, people near the hard-hit delta township of Bogale were forced to “break rocks and level a field” to construct a helicopter landing pad in exchange for biscuits sent by the U.N.’s World Food Program, the report said.
Others in Bogale were given rice soup and shelter on condition that they cleared debris and built an official camp, the report said, adding that authorities told displaced survivors in nearby Labutta they would not receive food unless they worked.

Staggers the imagination.

2 Responses to “Need a Biscuit?”

  1. WordGirl says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! This is not the time for gulags, people!

  2. ricki says:

    Damn. Those poor people.
    I hope someday…someday soon – the people of Burma will rise up and install a better government than what they have now.
    I’m still disgusted by the fact that U.S. aid ships spent what? two weeks? sitting off the coast, waiting for PERMISSION to render aid, and never got it. (I suppose flying through the airspace WITHOUT permission and dropping boxes of food and blankets would somehow create an international incident? Probably a good thing I’m not President – that’s what I’d have people doing.)

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