No Passing The Buck Here

It’s good to see the top guys going down over this

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Navy fired the captain and executive officer of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington on Wednesday because of a massive fire that damaged the ship in May, Navy officials said.
Capt. David C. Dykhoff and his executive officer, Capt. David M. Dober, were relieved of duty while the ship is in port in San Diego, California, for repairs.
The two were fired because of practices on their ship that Navy investigators believe led to the fire, Navy officials said.

They’re the ones who set the tone for the ship and should be held accountable. Following as it does on the heels of the Air Force shake-up, this will hopefully this will put the fear of God into more Brass. We can’t afford these huge mistakes.

One Response to “No Passing The Buck Here”

  1. major dad says:

    Well Bing close but no cigar. In this instance I would bet the Division Officers and CPOs are the ones to blame. While the CO and XO are utimately responsible those guys enforce the regs and are supposed to police their people. I doubt the CO said “smoke em if you got them”. Shipboard practices are pretty detailed and spelled out as far as do’s and don’ts. I would hope some other heads rolled too. And as far as the Navy goes they have relieved a “boat” load of ship’s Captains in recent years. The “brass” in this instance is small potatoes, the guys with stars are the ones who need shaking up.

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