Not Quite What I’d Tout

But, hey, I’m just making noise from the back seat

(Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday touted his administration’s job-creation efforts just eight days before elections in which voters’ economic anxiety threatens his Democrats’ grip on Congress.

…Obama’s attacks on Republicans have done little to dent voter disappointment with his economic policies, which have so far failed to bring down unemployment stuck near 10 percent.

What those clever writers at Reuters fail to mention is that while it’s true that Obama’s policies have indeed “failed to bring down unemployment stuck near 10 percent” what they did manage to succeed in doing was push unemployment up to 10 percent.

When he took office in 2009 the unemployment rate was 7.7%, and here are the rates for the rest of 2009 once The Won was in charge in that Newer Smarter way of his:

Feb:8.2 March:8.6 April:8.9 May:9.4 June:9.5 July:9.4 August:9.7 Sep:9.8 Oct:10.1 Nov:10.0 Dec:10.0

2010 has been 9.5 or higher every month.

So who’s “talking a good game” now, Chief?

One Response to “Not Quite What I’d Tout”

  1. Dave E. says:

    We’ll see better days alright, Mr. president. The first one will be Nov. 3rd.

    I had to laugh when he said the game is just in the first quarter. Uh huh. In 1978 Jimmy Carter didn’t realize it was half time either.

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