Nothing Like Zipping That On By

…so you can claim “you asked about it” later.

In the last of a two-part interview, Judy Woodruff (PBS’s The News Hour) GRILLS new ATF director B. Todd Jones last night:

JUDY WOODRUFF: We know that the bureau has had some high-profile controversies in recent years, most notably Fast and Furious, this exercise where ATF agents, in effect, were standing by while drug cartels were taking — trafficking in guns and moving them across the border.

The cigarette smuggling ring, we mentioned, other problems. How confident are you that this kind of thing is now a part of the past of the bureau and not the future?

B. TODD JONES: Again, I have been a trial lawyer most of my life and a prosecutor, and I have learned never say never, because we operate in a business that is chockful of risk.

But what I do have a high level of confidence, given some of the fixes that we put in, the leadership team we have in place, and our institutionalization of really the core flaws as to what happened on the southwest border, I have a higher level of confidence now 24 months on the job than I did when I came to this organization for the first time in September of 2011.

We have done a fair amount of work to make sure that cases are monitored, that there’s appropriate leadership involved in decision-making, and that the communications between what’s happening out in the field and what the knowledge of headquarters here in Washington, D.C., knows is much, much better than it was when I arrived here.

Yeah, okay. THAT’S ALL there was TO it ~ couple o’ guns went that-a-way ~ and I have no frickin’ idea what HE said.


3 Responses to “Nothing Like Zipping That On By”

  1. JeffS says:

    My best response would be considered unsavory by most people.

    So I’m going with “What she said.”

  2. leelu says:

    Semantic and information content == zee-row.

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Umm. They institutionalized the core flaws?

    That’s not encouraging…

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