Now He’s Gone TOO FAR

Seriously, as far as Hollywood/TV folks go I am the most out-of-touch there is. I just don’t watch any of these shows or see that many movies, so the latest dramas and traumas of the Hiltons or Lohans or Kardashians or Pitts mean nothing to me and excite zero interest.

But sometimes, well, sometimes one of these spoiled little children crosses the line that MUST NOT be crossed

After one rant the host, Alex Jones, tells Charlie he sounds like Thomas Jefferson. Charlie’s response, “I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a p***y! But I dare anyone to debate me on things.”

You, sir, are a cur and beneath contempt.

9 Responses to “Now He’s Gone TOO FAR”

  1. Ave says:

    Consider the source, that is, if you have nothing else to do.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Sticks and stones, you Jeffersonian apologist you. Water off a duck’s back. Deep Zen breathing.

  3. major dad says:

    No Bing, he’s just a coked up idiot.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    CBS yanked his show over this. Maybe this is a sign that the backlash against that kind of arrogant entitlement is starting to bite.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    I have a great idea for a reality show.

    Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, a large empty warehouse, five kilos of coke, two gallons of Ripple, and a pair of vintage PPSh’s with fully loaded drum magazines. Let the male bonding commence.

  6. Donna D. says:

    Breathe Bingley, Breathe, he’s just a coked up piece of scum – no one will know his name 300 years from now!

  7. JeffS says:

    Charlie who?

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    B-b-b-but this is Mr. Jefferson we’re talking about, Donna!

  9. Dr Alice says:

    Take a look at this site:
    It’s hysterical.
    Remember, Bingley, this guy’s idiocy will be commemorated forever on the Internet. He will never live this down. That should make you feel a little better.

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