Obama Boasted In 2012 That His Policies Have “Al-Qaeda On The Run”…

Yep, they’re running all over Iraq

ISIS butchers leave ‘roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers’: Battle for Baghdad looms as thousands answer Iraqi government’s call to arms and jihadists bear down on capital
U.S. today changed tone on intervention; President Obama said: ‘I don’t rule out anything… Iraq will need more help’
Crucial vote to grant emergency powers was delayed because MPs did not turn up, leaving Iraqi government paralysed
Disruption in Iraq could add 2p to the price of a litre of petrol within a fortnight as ISIS insurgents take key oil fields
Kurdish forces are in full control of Iraq’s oil city of Kirkuk after the federal army abandoned their posts
Iran has sent special forces and a unit of elite troops to Iraq to assist the Iraqi government halt the advance
Iraqi air force is bombing insurgent positions in and around Mosul – 1.3million citizens still remain in the city
Middle East experts raised the prospect of Iraq being carved into three – Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite – by the conflict

Smartest Bestest Prez EVUH

8 Responses to “Obama Boasted In 2012 That His Policies Have “Al-Qaeda On The Run”…”

  1. Dr Alice says:

    DUMBASS. This… this…
    I’m just sputtering with rage at this point. Where’s Red Foreman when you need him? I’d like him to give our Fearless Leader the “boot up the ass” treatment.

  2. JeffS says:

    Obama and his squadron of flying monkeys should be.airdropped into Mosul, armed with those asinine reset buttons. Just to see how their foreign policy really works.

    And don’t forget Hillary in the load plan.

  3. major dad says:

    Obama just used the “It’s your problem” defense. What an asshat.

  4. Gunslinger says:

    “Iran has sent special forces and a unit of elite troops to Iraq to assist the Iraqi government halt the advance”

    Twenty bucks says they won’t leave when the fighting is done.

  5. Michael Lonie says:

    There is no excuse for the collapse of those Iraqi formations. They outnumbered the ISIS swube by between five and ten to one and had at least as good arms. The Iraqi armed forces overall outnumber the ISIS swine by 50 to 1. Even if the ISIS gets help from the Sunni tribes and Ba’athist hard cases, the gummint is getting it from the Shi’a militias, and the Shi’as outnumber the Sunnis three or four to one in Iraq. On the other hand, many of the Shi’a militias are likely to spend their time massacring Sunnis (and Christians) instead of fighting ISIS. Safer dontcherknow.

    At the first challenge the Iraqi army reverted to type, an Arab army of tribesmen who don’t trust each other, led by corrupt incompetents for officers. That’s the army Maliki wanted, and that’s what he got. I hope he has joy of it.

    Iraq is gone. It is being handed over to Iran. Maliki has no power to resist Iranian presure, as he might have if two American divisions and associated air power and SOF were there. We ought now to concentrate on supporting the Kurds. A quasi-independent Kurdistan, including the northeastern Kurdish area of Syria, is all we can salvage from this debacle. It will also give a refuge for Christians persecuted by Muslims elsewhere in Iraq and Syria, especially if we bring pressure to bear if the Kurds turn reluctant to do that.

    Given the speed with which the Obumbler Administration seems to be getting chummy with Iran to get the mullahs to “help stabilize” Iraq (there’s a laugh) it may well be that Obumbler himself is quite satisfied with these developments, allowing him to continue his courtship of the Auatollahs that he began from the start of his maladministration. It also helps achieve his goal of weakening America in the world, a goal he desires because, as all good leftists know, America is the fons et origo of evil in the world. Yeah, right.

    The only immigrants we should take from Muslim lands from now on are people being persecuted, like Christians, or Muslims who have served the US with our military (terps for example) or as intel agents.

  6. Michael Lonie says:

    For swube read swine.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    I kinda like ‘swube’.

  8. Michael Lonie says:

    Call for the jihadists:

    Sooooeeee, sooooeeee.

    “Mein Kampf” translates into Arabic as “Jihadi.” I have long thought that to be most appropriate. I’ll bet the jihadists do too; they adore Hitler.

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