Obama’s Super Pac Already Has Knives Out for Mittens

So new, it’s even got the “love to fire people” snippet in there.

I’ll say it again. If a wet paper napkin with “Alice’s Restaurant” printed in the corner gets the GOP nomination for President, THAT’S who I’m voting for. And working my ass off for the second he gets nominated.

We won’t become La Republica Baracko El Guano because I didn’t go to the polls in a fit of pique.

8 Responses to “Obama’s Super Pac Already Has Knives Out for Mittens”

  1. Ebola says:

    Really? You’d vote for Paul?

  2. I think pretty much all the GOP candidates would never thwart Congress the way Obama keeps doing. So yes, I would vote for the napkin, too.

  3. AliceH says:

    This just in from my restaurant: “If nominated, I will not run with scissors. If elected, I will not serve anything made with cilantro.”

    I really don’t care for cilantro.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    SILENCE, SPAWN. Paul doesn’t count. That would be “run for the border” time…with scissors.

    AliceH, if you’ve already eliminated the cilantro lobby, you’re fired. Anti-Green is okay, you just can’t be specific, especially if it’s even vaguely Hispanic.

    We’re boned.

  5. Yojimbo says:

    All of the candidates-ex-Paul-will be okay with a Tea Party Congress. Let the Tea Party Congress run the country on a domestic basis, there will be no vetoes. All believe in the country, believe in a strong military and are aware of the threat from radical Islam.

  6. aelfheld says:

    THS, I’d rather be boned by Republicans than owned by Democrats.

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    Goes without saying, aelf.

  8. Kathy Kinsley says:

    There’s a few on the Republican side I’ll have to SERIOUSLY hold my nose about.

    But, I agree with Insty about the syphilitic camel first. So, I’ll break my nose holding it if necessary.

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