Oh. Dear. God.

Open TV and Film, the London-based production company, is developing a TV mini-series based on Barack Obama’s days on the campaign trail.

Like his schmug isn’t on the tube enough, right?

At least the therapy I’ll need for the Agent Obamorange exposure will be ObamaCare paid for by the time the symptoms develop…wait.


I feel itchy already…

4 Responses to “Oh. Dear. God.”

  1. JeffS says:

    No doubt he’ll play himself in the mini-series.

    When he isn’t playing golf, that is.

  2. don says:


    C’mon Mr. Bingley, support your President!

  3. Robin from Central AZ says:

    Now wait – it might not be too unwatchable if the production company gives the O the MST3000 treatment. If not, this show will not sully my DVR.

  4. mojo says:

    There is no escape. You will be assimilated.

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